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Delayed dead on arrival

2011/09/20 6 comments

D**n! After two days of operation my SW2 died. I tried some emergency recovering, which didn’t worked at all as the motherboard seem to fail distributing the power properly.  So no boot-up, no USB Boot, Nothing. And I’m pissed.

So, what else to do as to visit the forum, and ask for help. Nobody else had the same issue like me, but other people were writing about crashing SW2 with installed harddisks.

EDIT 22.09.2011: It seems that there are more and more people having the same problem like me..

But maybe i’m just wrong. So, after some questions and and answers (yep, only the same emergency revocery), nobody can help me, I have to open a RMA request.

I opened one and entered every information they needed. Ordernummer, when did i order, problem description and so on..  and then.. waited, for 3 days, 4 days, 5 days.. no answer. Naughty me, writing in the forum again, if someone could please respond to my request. I was immediately answered by the “global admin”, that it takes up to 10 workdays as I can read in the RMA rules. So 14 days until I will just receive a response to a request? I was so excited after 10 working days what will happen next? Do I receive a new one? Did they send it already?

After 14 days i reached my maxium of impatience. So I wrote in the forum again. if somebody please would answer to my request. Again, i got and immediate answer from the admin, that the forum is not such a place for these kind of posts. WTF? What kind of customer relationshit is this? I wrote him back, that this IS the right place for these issues. And they should take care about their additude. Suprisingly i got an answer to my RMA request, after this post. It was the Global Admin who answered my request -.-

Please fill out this form to start the RMA process. WTF? 16 days waiting for NOTHING? That nobody on Xtreamer clicked on the reply button?

This is the mail:

Dear Valued Customer,

We received your RMA request # xxx in our system.
Next steps will include:
• Fill out RMA form-
IMPORTANT – Incomplete form will not be processed therefore; an RMA# shipping authorization will not be issued.

• Print, scan or take a good quality picture of the form while its open (you cannot save it with your details).
• Mail it back to us: for check & documentation, this form should be accepted in our system not later than 72 hours from receiving this mail.
• After getting shipping approval by mail, you will be required to put one copy of this form inside the box and keep one copy for your records.

Kindly notify us within your account order mail.

Thank you in advance, your cooperation is mostly appreciated

Xtreamer Sales Team

OK, I fill everything out (4 Pages) and send it to them.

Next day I got the answer, that was really fast.


Please provide us by mail to: <address>
Shipping confirmation by scan pdf of stamped postal receipt showing shipping details: date, sender, recipient & shipping cost.
Kindly use ONLY REGULAR POST MAIL. (Not express mail/ tracking number), according to our check shouldn’t cost more than 10.00 Euro.
• Mention your full name and phone number
• Order number (also on outside package)
• Write your Return Material Authorization number on the outside of the box in bold letters.
• Put one copy of filled RMA form inside the box.


A gmail account? OK..

Wait, 10 Euros for a package to Hongkong? “according to our check shouldn’t cost more than 10.00 Euro” What check is that? A normal package costs 15 Euros to Hongkong (Without tracking).  Should i wrap paper around it and send it as letter?  So, better to ask if i should really send it as letter:

Upon Xtreamer RMA policy we refund for shipping cost UP TO 10.00 Euro.

Please note:


A. Product was damaged during transport as a result of bad packaging.

So you have to pay what ever a package to Hongkong costs, you will reveive only 10 Euros back.

Whatever, I have sent it today and I’m waiting for response now.   It will definitely take 2 more weeks until the device arrives.

If you buy a SW2 and it fails, don’t expect to have a working unit in less than 2 months.

Before it died I was able to made some test. Here ar some results:

  • PRO: Fortunately it has a WEB GUI which allows you to upload Mediafiles with acceptable Speed.
  • PRO: The wireless works very well and has also acceptable speeds.
  • PRO: You can watch full BD Movies over the LAN
  • CON: The GUI is extreme slow
  • CON: The player produces bad judder playing 24p HD movies (It should automatically change to 50hz refresh rate)
  • CON: The Windows File Sharing services is still slow as hell (like 1-2MB/s, and yes it has Gigabit LAN)
  • CON: The Xtreamer online services are very unstable. They crash all the time while trying to watch online movies or just while scrolling them.

I’m so happy to still have my SW1, which I will keep for now.


The story goes on.. :


How i repaired my (Xtreamer) remote control

2011/02/09 14 comments

I love my xtreamer, which is the best media player on the market. The player itself is very roboust and made out of class A material. Except the remote. As the remote is very small and round at the bottom, it tends to fall down on the floor very often. My remote fell down nearly once a day. So the case may be resistant, but the circuit board isn’t.

After falling down the maybe 500th time, the remote was not working at all. The red LED was very, very weak illuminated when i pressed any button. With a digicam i checked if there was any infrared light sent out (Just hold the white diode (or the red, transparent area) of you remote in the cam, press any button and the sensor of the cam will make the invisible infrared light visible in the cams preview window). Nope, it really was broken.

So i had to open the remote, i used a iphone opener (aka. guitar plectrum). When checking the circuit board, i saw the capacitor soldered horizontally on the board with those tiny legs through the board. Installed like this the soldering points have a strong leverage to handle, every time the remote falls down. At the end it teared out the complete soldering point of the vcc+.

This how-to may also work on other remote controls, you just have to find the next soldering possibility (next “+” or next “-“) by yourself!

Disclaimer: I do not take any responsibility for any damages you produce. This guide is just a suggestion how you could fix your remote!

This is how you identify the weak soldering:

You can see that on leg has been pushed through the board or is not completely soldered on the circuit. You may need to softly move the capacitor a little bit to identify if the soldering on  the other bottom of the circuit board is moving too.


Lets have a look at the board from the bottom:

The plus terminal of the capacitor was pushed through the board and the soldering point was lifted in the air with no connectivity to the circuit board. Fortunately there are two unused soldering points for each pole (Marked with +  and – in the picture). So you just need two small pieces of wire (or only one wire if only one soldering is broken) and a soldering gun.

Just heat the solder on the (broken)plus leg of the capacitor and put the wire in pointing to the unused soldering point. Make sure that you don’t produce a short. Keep the distance between “+” and “-“, do not solder the terminals together!

When you are finished, it has to look like this:

As you can see, the free soldering point is now completely soldered together with the leg of the capacitor (and no short ;)).

Continue with the minus leg when its broken, too. That’s it. Enjoy your repaired remote control.