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Make a bootable USB Stick or USB HDD from Mac OS X DVD Image

2011/06/20 Leave a comment

I dont know what was I thinking when I said “yeah, just give me that macbook, I will reinstall it”…

Stupid shiny plastic crap with included hairdryer (This is how the fan sounds to me).  So i end up with a new Double Layer DVD with Snow Leopard on it. But the crappy DVD drive can’t read it. It just happily ejects the CD after i put it in.

So, no way using the DVD Drive.

I read about remote Installing the Macbook using a Windows PC. So I boot up a Windows PC on the same Ethernet, load the CD and start “Remote Install DVD on Windows”. Ok, System is running. Now I have to boot the Macbook from Network. I check the internet again which arcane key combinations I have to press for booting something else. While im wondering why the Macbook only makes the poweron sound once day I only see the local harddisk after holding “Option” Key (Yeah, I had to find out this is the “alt” Key). Even the “n” Key shows just a earth icon but nothing more. Nah, the old MacBook doesn’t support that feature! Try to find that info on the apple support pages!

So, no way using the Network

I found some guides online showing you a rocket science way of “restoring” the Image file to a harddisk. Ok, here we go. After setting the Harddisk to GUID Partition Style and creating a partition I try to restore the Image to the disk. Some random error pops up. “Error -1” Something bla. OK, second try, I format the partition first.  Now an error pops up -5150 or similar. WTF??

After twiddeling around I find a guide how to reduce the image to 4.3GB to fit it on a normal DVD. But it uses the same steps with “restoring” the image to an other image. How sick is this crap? I want an bootable image edited, not “restoring an image in a restorable image” -.-

Now, it starts to copy, with Imaging the Image. After 70% it stops. Error the folder does not exist. WTF?? Which folder? What is your problem… aaarrghh.

OK, enough is enough. I dont need no crappy 20 point guides how to image an image or how to create a bootable USB Disk with images, I only need one thing.. Linux.

I connect the USB Drive and load the CD Drive. After typing the magic combination

sudo dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/sdb bs=1M

sudo dd if=<CD Drive or image name with path> of=<Device of USB Drive> bs=<Blocksize 1MB per Cycle>

It finished:

7411+1 records in
 7411+1 records out
 7771357184 bytes (7.8 GB) copied, 290.332 s, 26.8 MB/s

Now I’m curious. I connect the USB Drive to the MacBook and a window Pops Up “Install Mac OS X”.


I reboot. I can choose booting from it. It even has the correct name. Unbelievable.

Now, its installing like a charm. Why don’t you write on all your guides that all you need is “dd”??? No images from images. No strange partition tables.

Just. Use. dd.

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