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Xtreamer Sidewinder 2 – The neverending story ENDED

2011/10/16 4 comments

I hope you have followed my contact with the very unusable Xtreamer Support and with the very unprofessional service. The story goes on:

I received an answer today. Another automated email:

16th Oct 2011 @ 6:58 AM Shop Said:

Dear Sir,

Please provide us by mail to:
Shipping confirmation by scan pdf of stamped postal receipt showing shipping details: date, sender, recipient & shipping cost.

Our Logistic Dept. can check parcel arrival only by postal receipt details.

Xtreamer Sales Team

Wow. Who guessed that. So, they dont even have control at all.

Why the hell did I wrote the RMA NUmber on the Package. Should that not be attached to my account as soon as the package arrives? Why dont they know my adress again?
Additonally they want a shipping approval. There is not thing like that if you ship cheapest to China WITHOUT Tracking. They clearly stated that in their RMA Policy to not send with tracking number.
So this is my answer:


as you stated in you return policy a shipment has been chosen without tracking.
I also wrote RMA #917 in bold letters on the package, so can it be this hard to locate my package?

I sent it with DHL on 19.09.2011.
Here is my Address: xxx

And YES i know i will only get 10 EUR back from you for the shipping, but NO FRICKING PACKAGE SERVICE brings a package to Hongkong below 15 Euro.

Sirs, the device died 2 MONTH ago! With your extreme slow support and delay on any of my request your company makes a really bad impress. Could you please show that your support works and send me an answer in 24h hours?

EDIT: 2011-10-07

Wow, i received an automated mail again. This is getting rediculous …

Re: RMA 917

17th Oct 2011 @ 5:57 AM Shop Said:

Dear Andre,

Thank you , we received your Scanned pdf confirmation.

As soon as our Logistic Department will confirm that your package was received at warehouse, your replacement device will be commence for shipping, and we will notify you by mail in your order, tracking number and shipping details.
Refund for shipping cost will be issued as well upon RMA policy.

Best Regards,
Xtreamer Sales Team

EDIT: 2011-10-24

Its nearly two weeks so let’s send another reminder.

Did you reveive my package.

24th Oct 2011 @ 4:01 PM

  You Said:

Dear Sirs,

would you please be so kind and check your Logistic Department. Its OVER A MONTH now. I could have brought it with a rowing boat in that time.

Thank you

To be continued…

EDIT: 2011-10-26

Re: Did you reveive my package.

26th Oct 2011 @ 9:36 AM Shop Said:

Dear Andre ,

We will investigate this issue , No reply yet from DHL.

As soon as we will get answer we will confirm you, no delay.

Your patience is highly appreciated .

With best regards,

Xtreamer Sales Team

EDIT: 2011-11-19

Where is my xtreamer 2?

19th Nov 2011 @ 10:28 PM

  You Said:

Dear Sirs,

its now nearly 2 months since i sent you my xtreamer 2. I fullfilled everything you wanted, sent you the postage information and everything you need. But still i have not heard from you since then. Is this your kind of customer support?

Please answer me asap, when i will receive my replacement xtreamer 2.

Thank you

EDIT: 2011-11-25

Re: RMA 917 xtreamer 2- shipped DHL 173xxxxxxx

25th Nov 2011 @ 1:48 PM Shop Said:

Dear Andre,

Your replacement SW2 device was shipped, Via DHL Hong Kong.
You can track your parcel within 24 hours at:

Delivery expects within 5-10 days, depending on how far you are from our distribution center in Hong Kong, We cannot promise delivery date as this matter is out of our control and Handled by third party.
Please confirm delivery, thank you in advance.

Best Regards,
Xtreamer Sales Team

EDIT: 2011-11-28

Its unbelievable! The replacement unit arrived just after 3 MONTHS of waiting. Nevertheless i received a replacement, this is the last xtreamer device i bought. I’m a very unpatient person who likes fast reacting support and moderate waiting times between all steps of a support call. I’m very disappointed how everything worked, and i went from a xtreamer entheusiast to a xtreamer avoider. Thanks for making this happen.

EDIT: 2011-11-29

Re: Refunded (shipping cost)

29th Nov 2011 @ 10:12 AM Shop Said:

Dear Andre ,

We have refunded your account within 10euro (shipping cost ) .

Refund refference :
11/29/2011 10:10:46 Credited to credit card Credited to credit card € (10.00)

Thank you ,
Xtreamer team

At least i got some of my money back, and the package was declared as Sample of Replacement which made me avoid additional tax and customs payments.


Make a bootable USB Stick or USB HDD from Mac OS X DVD Image

2011/06/20 Leave a comment

I dont know what was I thinking when I said “yeah, just give me that macbook, I will reinstall it”…

Stupid shiny plastic crap with included hairdryer (This is how the fan sounds to me).  So i end up with a new Double Layer DVD with Snow Leopard on it. But the crappy DVD drive can’t read it. It just happily ejects the CD after i put it in.

So, no way using the DVD Drive.

I read about remote Installing the Macbook using a Windows PC. So I boot up a Windows PC on the same Ethernet, load the CD and start “Remote Install DVD on Windows”. Ok, System is running. Now I have to boot the Macbook from Network. I check the internet again which arcane key combinations I have to press for booting something else. While im wondering why the Macbook only makes the poweron sound once day I only see the local harddisk after holding “Option” Key (Yeah, I had to find out this is the “alt” Key). Even the “n” Key shows just a earth icon but nothing more. Nah, the old MacBook doesn’t support that feature! Try to find that info on the apple support pages!

So, no way using the Network

I found some guides online showing you a rocket science way of “restoring” the Image file to a harddisk. Ok, here we go. After setting the Harddisk to GUID Partition Style and creating a partition I try to restore the Image to the disk. Some random error pops up. “Error -1” Something bla. OK, second try, I format the partition first.  Now an error pops up -5150 or similar. WTF??

After twiddeling around I find a guide how to reduce the image to 4.3GB to fit it on a normal DVD. But it uses the same steps with “restoring” the image to an other image. How sick is this crap? I want an bootable image edited, not “restoring an image in a restorable image” -.-

Now, it starts to copy, with Imaging the Image. After 70% it stops. Error the folder does not exist. WTF?? Which folder? What is your problem… aaarrghh.

OK, enough is enough. I dont need no crappy 20 point guides how to image an image or how to create a bootable USB Disk with images, I only need one thing.. Linux.

I connect the USB Drive and load the CD Drive. After typing the magic combination

sudo dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/sdb bs=1M

sudo dd if=<CD Drive or image name with path> of=<Device of USB Drive> bs=<Blocksize 1MB per Cycle>

It finished:

7411+1 records in
 7411+1 records out
 7771357184 bytes (7.8 GB) copied, 290.332 s, 26.8 MB/s

Now I’m curious. I connect the USB Drive to the MacBook and a window Pops Up “Install Mac OS X”.


I reboot. I can choose booting from it. It even has the correct name. Unbelievable.

Now, its installing like a charm. Why don’t you write on all your guides that all you need is “dd”??? No images from images. No strange partition tables.

Just. Use. dd.

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How i repaired my (Xtreamer) remote control

2011/02/09 14 comments

I love my xtreamer, which is the best media player on the market. The player itself is very roboust and made out of class A material. Except the remote. As the remote is very small and round at the bottom, it tends to fall down on the floor very often. My remote fell down nearly once a day. So the case may be resistant, but the circuit board isn’t.

After falling down the maybe 500th time, the remote was not working at all. The red LED was very, very weak illuminated when i pressed any button. With a digicam i checked if there was any infrared light sent out (Just hold the white diode (or the red, transparent area) of you remote in the cam, press any button and the sensor of the cam will make the invisible infrared light visible in the cams preview window). Nope, it really was broken.

So i had to open the remote, i used a iphone opener (aka. guitar plectrum). When checking the circuit board, i saw the capacitor soldered horizontally on the board with those tiny legs through the board. Installed like this the soldering points have a strong leverage to handle, every time the remote falls down. At the end it teared out the complete soldering point of the vcc+.

This how-to may also work on other remote controls, you just have to find the next soldering possibility (next “+” or next “-“) by yourself!

Disclaimer: I do not take any responsibility for any damages you produce. This guide is just a suggestion how you could fix your remote!

This is how you identify the weak soldering:

You can see that on leg has been pushed through the board or is not completely soldered on the circuit. You may need to softly move the capacitor a little bit to identify if the soldering on  the other bottom of the circuit board is moving too.


Lets have a look at the board from the bottom:

The plus terminal of the capacitor was pushed through the board and the soldering point was lifted in the air with no connectivity to the circuit board. Fortunately there are two unused soldering points for each pole (Marked with +  and – in the picture). So you just need two small pieces of wire (or only one wire if only one soldering is broken) and a soldering gun.

Just heat the solder on the (broken)plus leg of the capacitor and put the wire in pointing to the unused soldering point. Make sure that you don’t produce a short. Keep the distance between “+” and “-“, do not solder the terminals together!

When you are finished, it has to look like this:

As you can see, the free soldering point is now completely soldered together with the leg of the capacitor (and no short ;)).

Continue with the minus leg when its broken, too. That’s it. Enjoy your repaired remote control.