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Dell 15z 5523 not booting – not powering on – 3 beeps of death

I got my hands on a Dell 15z 5523 which needed a hdd replacement. After some powercycles the system wouldn’t power on properly again. It just showed a black screen which leads to a loop of 3 beeps or autopoweroff after 1 minute. After playing with pressing the reset button under the ram lid and even removing the battery I only had partly success with booting only once and then gone again. The problem is the uefi firmware which is updated or better messed up by installing Windows 10. To recover from this error you dont need to disassemble the device at all! Here are the steps:

1. Download the latest bios from dell
2. Create bootable DOS usb stick
3. Copy the xxxx.exe to the usb stick and connect to the laptop
4. Press the key “D” and hold it
5. Press the power button
6. It will come up black first so power off again
7. Repeat starting with 4.
8. The system will finally boot but might keep beeping 3 times
9. Boot from the USB stick
10. Reinstall the BIOS with xxx.exe /forceit
11. It will reboot to install the Bios again
12. After that the Laptop will boot up again properly
13. (optional) If it boots but still keeps beeping you have to disassemble it and remove all powersources and remove the bios battery. Reinstall everything and the system should be fine!

If I could help you please donate 5-10 dollars/euros to your local animal shelter! 🙂

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